Macht uns die Stadt krank?

Lärm, Enge, Abgase, Hektik – das Stadtleben kann mit viel Stress verbunden sein. Mazda Adli ist Chefarzt an der Fliedner Klinik Berlin und forscht zum Thema “Psychische Gesundheit in der Stadt”. Im Interview auf beantwortet er die Frage, ob uns die Stadt krank macht.

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Einmal um die Hallig

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Noch spendet die spätsommerliche Sonne etwas Wärme, einige der letzten Tagesgäste der Saison fahren mit Leihfahrrädern über die schmalen Wege der Hallig. Doch schon bald steht das saftig grüne Gras, wo jetzt noch Schafe und Kühe weiden, unter Wasser. Dann heißt es “Landunter” auf der zweitgrößten Hallig im Nordfriesischen Wattenmeer.

Die einzigen Orte, die dann wie kleine Inseln aus der See herausragen werden, sind die zehn künstlich aufgeschüttete Hügel, die sogenannten Warften. Denn dass das Wasser kommt, ist in etwa so sicher wie die Fährzeiten. Auch nach ihnen richtet sich das Leben der rund Hundert Hooger…


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Erschienen im Vaillant Magazin, Ausgabe 14, Herbst/Winter 2015.

New project running:

Sustain Your FutureSustain Your Future is a project I have been working on during the last couple of weeks. The idea is to create little video interviews with start-ups, NGOs, organizations and companies which are all connected to the field of sustainability. The first video is not superb, I definitely still need to work on the audio quality and some other details, but it’s fun and I hope it will generate a few more followers soon.

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Dumpster Diving in Aarhus: Free food from the trash can

New article/ blog post that I wrote for the insight out magazine.

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Denmark is an expensive country in respect to others. But this is not the only reason for some young people to get their food out of the trash. For Michael (24) it is also a way to say ‘NO’ to a capitalistic system of overproduction and overconsumption.

By Katharina Frick

11.30 pm on a Tuesday night, outside a supermarket somewhere in Aarhus: A young man lightens his flashlight and opens up a dumpster behind a white little fence, close to the entrance door of the building. A harsh unpleasant smell rises up through the air. “Today it seems we can only find bread”, he says, after carefully examining the trash that was thrown out only a few hours ago at closing time. Nonetheless, he takes two loaves of rye bread and puts it in his bag. The bread is packed in its original foil and with a sell-by date lasting two…

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Happy new Blog!

A new year deserves a new beginning. And so for 2013, I decided to start this very new blog. It will give interested readers an idea about what I was doing, what I am doing and what I am reflecting upon.

In the upcoming days and weeks I will feed this blog with whatever crosses my sight and that i find interesting and worthy enough to write about.

I hope everyone will have a great 2013! An inspirational TED-talk I just watched recently is this one of Amy Cuddy. It is all about body language and how it influences our behaviour unconsciously – and consciously, if we know about it.

It might make you walk differently in 2013…